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Your full-service, one-stop solution for selling estates, we are Waco’s leading estate sales company.  We are family owned and operated in the heart of Texas!  We have a full team of antique experts to carefully assess your assets and price according to current market value.  Our mission is to provide a seamless, customized solution to fit your needs.

Let Kay’s Estate Sales handle all the details of your home liquidation. From our first meeting, until the last item is sold, we are with you all the way.

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what we offer

A full-service estate sale experience:  We provide all supplies and resources needed to advertise, organize, display, research, price, sell, donate, and clean out your items.                

Advertising:  Every sale is advertised in the Waco Tribune Herald Newspaper (online and print), on EstateSales.net, Craigslist, and is sent out to our client list and email newsletter with color photos and a general list of items offered.


Services:  Free, no-obligation consultation for services, home staging and merchandising, pricing and appraisal of household items and antiques, print and online media advertising of your sale, street signage on sale days, clean out assistance.


Appraisals:  We also offer estate appraisals for those who may not need a sale, but are in need of value to settle an estate.


what sets us apart

Expertise:  Our staff comprises a team of antiques professionals with many years of industry experience, which means that your items will be researched and priced by qualified professionals with extensive market knowledge.


Labor:  We provide a trained staff at each in-home estate sale which means your items will be handled with care by skilled professionals.


our process

  • No fee, no obligation consultation with Kay Waldrop and a qualified associate.  Once you contact us and set up a meeting, we will answer any questions you may have about our company or estate sales in general.  There is no cost to you for this initial consultation.  We serve Waco and the surrounding areas.
  • Sale setup – this process takes an average of 10-24 days from the time we first enter your home until the last item is removed.  Items will be staged and displayed so they will receive maximum visibility.
  • Price – our team of estate and antiques professionals will price every item in your home for sale.
  • Send out emails to our client list and post items on marketing websites.
  • Conduct the sale – our team conducts the sale with absolutely no help needed from the owner.  Sales range from 1-4 days.
  • Clean out – items that do not sell, typically about 5% of the overall inventory, are sorted for donation and/or further consignment.  Occasional


what we do

We are committed to easing the overwhelming stress that often burdens the executor and/or those downsizing or relocating.  From pre-sale to post-sale, you can expect professional resources to be provided – we will sort, organize, display, stage, research, price, advertise and more.  We will customize according to each estate’s needs.

In-home Estate Sale – Ideal for the client who lives in a neighborhood with public access and has a household full of items to sell.

Partial Estate Sale – In the event you have nice items you need to sell, but you do not have a house, we can possible add the items to an existing in-home sale.


about kay

Kay Waldrop is an entrepreneur at heart.  She currently owns and operates Kay’s Estate Sale business.  She also leases booth in Spice Village, Cedar Chest Antique Mall, Craft Gallery, and Boho Buffalo.

Kay grew up in Waco, TX.  Her first major in college was Fashion Merchandising.  She loved it, but after working in the industry for a few years, realized that being a buyer for a large department store would be stressful, with very little time off, and that did not sound very appealing.  She then worked as Program/Aquatic Director at the Waco Family Y.  While she loved working with people, the job had limited opportunities for advancement.  So, at the age of 34, she returned to school, and in 1977 received a degree from Baylor in Recreation and Leisure Services.  she went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Sports Management in 2000.  She taught at Baylor in the HHPR Department for 21 years.

While attending college, she started working in the retail industry again.  She owned a hair and nail salon with a gift shop for 4 years and, at the same time, she leased “booth” space in several little shops around town.  At one time, she had 15 booths she owned and managed.  As part of the process she acquired many helpful skills that easily transferred to the estate sale business.

Around the mid 1990s she began to focus on antiques.  She leased booths in three antique malls and began attending auctions, estate sales, and antique shops to learn as much as possible about the business and to purchase inventory.

Around 2016 an opportunity presented itself that she could not ignore.  A friend of hers that owned an estate sale company was forced into retirement due to health issues.  The company was going to shut down unless someone was willing to buy it.  After being active in the antique and collectible business for over 22 years, she felt she had the background to sufficiently run this type of business.

Kay currently resides in Hewitt, TX with her wonderful husband, Craig, and their 2 fur babies, Isabella and Chewy.


FAQ’s & Info

Is this for you?

The death of a loved one, work transfer, downsizing, moving, divorce, and bankruptcy are just a few of the reasons why people have an estate sale.  Would an estate sale be appropriate for you?  We will take a non-biased look at your items and tell you whether this is the best option for your particular situation.

How long does the process take?

On average 10-24 days is the length of time for the estate sale process, but every home is different and this can impact that time frame.  We will discuss this with you on an individual basis to determine the correct time frame for your situation.

The Contract

A contract protects you, the client, just as much as it protects us.  It gives everyone some general guidelines of what to expect of use and of you.  All details will be discussed in our initial meeting.

Keep What You’d Like

During our initial meeting please tell us which items you’d like to keep.  If they cannot be moved prior to the sale, we can arrange to have them placed in a separate area during the sale.

Stop! Don’t throw it out.

Rule number one of estate sales is to throw nothing away.  Many odd things sell at estate sales, so let us help you determine your sales goals by taking a complete look at all of your belongings and furnishings.  We will determine what needs to be thrown out as we go through it.

Reserve Pricing

We understand that some items are special.  While you may set a reserve price, we don’t encourage it because setting a minimum price on an item will make it less likely to attract serious buyers.  However, the decision is yours to make.

Item Pricing

Remember that your treasures are our treasures and we research and price everything with that in mind.  When it comes to art and jewelry, we consult with appraisers, as needed, to ensure maximum returns.

That’s too big!

Don’t worry.  Those larger items such as cars, motorcycles, or recreational vehicles will be posted and advertised accordingly.  We will discuss commissions on larger items at the first consultation.

Estate Sale Today

We want to reach as many people as possible and want them to come to your sale.  We will advertise your sale using all appropriate avenues.  If your HOA or community has specific rules on parking, please let us know so that we can work with you on those arrangements.

We Protect You

Because we want to protect you and your treasures, we will not release any residential information until the day prior to the sale.  We will have staff present throughout the sale.  Each employee is dedicated to ensuring both a safe and successful sale.

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