Estates of a loved one

The strong emotions that come with a love one’s passing are often followed by bewilderment and frustration when survivors realize all the legal steps one must take to settle their affairs.  The spouse who passed away may have handled the couple’s finances, leaving the other uniformed and overwhelmed.  The children may live in another town or state.  Perhaps a distant relative may be called upon to probate an estate which he or she knows little about. In some cases, the estate itself may be in disarray or scattered among many properties.  Our company can step in and help with the process by taking over the daunting task of liquidating the household goods.

is downsizing right for you

For many, downsizing makes a lot of sense because, as lives change, so do our needs.  Once your children are out of the house you may not need the 3 bedroom, 2 bath house that was necessary at one time.  If you take downsizing into your own hands, instead of waiting for someone else to do it once you are gone, you have control of how to dispose of your items.  You can enjoy the money you earn from the sale or you can give it to your heirs, whatever works for you.  Possibly the hardest thing to overcome in downsizing is separation from items that have sentimental value and while we cannot prevent those emotions from occurring, we can certainly help get you through it with less trauma.  We will help you go through your items so you can process what you want/need for your new home, want to give to family, and what you want to sell.

moving sale professional services

Moving can be exciting.  It’s an opportunity to clean out your house and start anew.  Keep in mind you have a lot on your plate when planning a move and trying to set up and run a sale can just add to the stress.  We can step in and take that burden off your shoulders.  In fact, you can wait until you are gone to have the sale, so you can leave behind everything you don’t want to take.  How liberating is that?  We have options we can explore until we find the right fit for you and your family.

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